How do I use Mama Mila Nappies?

All our nappies are one size for all; adjustable poppers at the front of the nappy make it easy to make the nappy the perfect size for your baby. 

At the back of the nappy is a pocket which is where you place your liners or inserts. Then simply fasten the nappy as normal. 


How do I wash Mama Mila Nappies?

When changing baby; empty out any solids into the toilet. If you stretch the nappy over the toilet, any solids will drop down. Make sure you leave the nappy poppers open ( fold Velcro back on itself) then place the nappy into your wet bag / bucket. You leave your liner inside the nappy. 

On wash day; unzip your wet bag and place it into the machine. There's no need to empty anything out as your machine will separate the nappies from the bag and liners from the nappies. Use a small amount of detergent as you usually would and nothing else. Use a pre-wash cycle which helps rinse out the nappies and wash at 40 degree c (104 f) 

To dry nappies; ideally dry your nappies and liners on the washing line or on a clothes airer. Please do not dry nappies over a heat source such as a radiator as this will reduce the lifespan of your nappies and can also make bamboo liners less absorbent. 

Every few weeks it is a good idea to give your nappies a "deep clean" by washing them at 60 degrees and running an extra rinse cycle or two at the end of the cycle. This will prevent detergent build up which can make babies skin sore. 

Will washing nappies in my machine make it last longer or make it unclean?

Absolutely not, as you are disposing of solids into the toilet, the machine takes care of the rest as it does with dirty underwear. It's become the norm over the years for people to use disposable nappies but if you think about it what's normal about putting stinking poo in the bin?!